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Partner Program

GE-CIX offers third parties to participate in the Partner Program as providers of access channels to the network GE-CIX Global Exchange.
Participation in the program gives the partners additional opportunities to attract customers and promote their own services. GE-CIX provides marketing promotion programs, publishes a list of partners on the website and in promotional materials, providing information support to partners.


    The main principles of the GE-CIX Partner Program:

  • The customers through the program will be customers of the GE-CIX Global Exchange.
  • No investment in equipment and no PoP in one of GE-CIX colocations needed.
  • Lower port capacity available (from 200 Mbps).
  • The partner manages the customer relationship: including sales, contracts, billing and first line customer care support.


    Financial Relations:

  • The Partner is billing the Customer.
  • The GE-CIX is billing the Partner.


    Support Relations:

  • The Partner is providing first line support to the Customer.
  • GE-CIX provides support to the Partner.


    How can you become a GE-CIX Partner?

  • Sign the GE-CIX Partner Program Agreement.
  • Get a dedicated GE-CIX peering port in order to connect your customers’ peering VLANs.
  • Connect new customers within 2-5 business days.


If you want to become a GE-CIX Partner, please, contact us.

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