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VPN and VLAN are developed communications across various trade opportunities with guaranteed and quick networks. Organizations that are looking for smaller connection possibilities over their existing bigger networks and want to securely entry isolated company networks can use VLAN and VPN. They have different functions and help in regulating the networks and contributing a secure environment for data movements.


Features of VPN

  • VPN is a safe instrument of connecting to the separate network through a public network
  • VPN is used for sharing the data and other network sources with users located in outlying areas
  • VPN connection minimizes the network costs and erases the demand of having leased lines to reach organization’s network in different locations


Features of VLAN

  • VLAN is a subcategory of VPN
  • where VPN constructs distance from Layer 1 to Layer 3, VLAN is purely a layer 2 construct
  • VLAN is a possibility to group computers that are not automatically connected to the same switch and make them work as if they were
  • VLAN moves computers geographically while still realizing the same connections and supports like shared files and information
  • VLAN can also be used to divide computers in a bigger local network into smaller networks for each office or department and sharing the data so that they do not act as if they are on same network even if they are in the common switch
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