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We are glad to inform you about the launch of a new direct connection service to MSK-IX!


All GE-CIX participants and non participants companies, can order L2 direct peering to MSK-IX.

You can use the new Layer2 service in any GE-CIX and MSK-IX POPs and MSK-IX

To test the direct peering service with MSK-IX, you need to perform a short procedure:

1.Please make a request by clicking the link 

1.1 Please lease to note the city of connection as Moscow,(*the checkbox as GE-CIX coming soon)
and «I am connecting remotely»  Comments: «I am connecting remotely via GE-CIX«


2. Please send a copy of the completed form to the address .


3. Technical specialists MSK-IX will contact you and negotiate all the technical conditions.


4. You will receive all the data to configure direct peering session, you AS Number <—>AS MSK-IX.
In accordance with the procedure, the inclusion must be tested in the quarantine VLAN.
After testing the connectivity, you need to write a request to to move to peering VLAN.

4.1 It means, you have direct peering session with MSK-IX directly through Layer2.


5. After receiving a confirmation of the transfer of peering session to the peering VLAN, you can start testing the direct connection all services with MSK-IX.   The test period is 2 weeks.


6. After the end of the test period, you can make a decision about further use of the direct inclusion service in MSK-IX.


In the case of a positive decision to order a direct inclusion service in MSK-IX, our sales team will contact you in order to agree on the most favorable terms and conditions of the contract and starting of billing period.

GE-CIX and MSK-IX wish you pleasant peering!

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